Flex and Web Analytics — Recording User Interaction

In my Web Analytics class today, we discussed tracking user activity in a Flex application.  My professor who currently works at Entice Labs talked about how he implemented Web Analytics for a Flex landing page.  He recorded any mouse or keyboard events that the user performed while on the page and sent data back to the server in packets every few seconds.  With the data he harvested, he was able to run the landing page and replay a user’s exact interactions for further analysis at a later time. Continue reading Flex and Web Analytics — Recording User Interaction

My Web Analytics Class Expectations

Right now, I am enrolled in a Web Analytics class at BYU.  From a web developer’s standpoint, most of us usually don’t enjoy the marketing side of the web.  Instead, we just prefer to code and leave the “other stuff” to the marketing guys, or analytics just gets ignored completely.  I happen to disagree with this approach.  I believe that the most powerful developers are hybrids.  This is just another example of how a developer can differentiate.  A hybrid developer should not only have the knowledge to not only create websites, but promote them as well.  My ultimate goal for this class is to make myself a multi-dimensional developer who can code and work in the field of analytics. Continue reading My Web Analytics Class Expectations